Registration Help Guide

Updated Tuesday July 10, 2018 by Seekonk Registrar.

Registering a new player/adult without an existing account:

1.      Go to our website

2.      Choose SIGN IN.  You will need to set up a new user account.  You will register you player by creating an email log in and password. This will give you access to our team homepage where you can then register for both cheerleading and football. 

3.      Once you have successfully created a user name and password. You can start to input your child’s information


Choose the Accounts button on the left hand side of the screen, and from the drop down menu select Create account.


The website will take you through the process step by step.  Be sure to answer all of the registration questions as all paperwork will be done online this year. We will need the player’s pediatrician’s information, current school attending, emergency contacts as well as medical insurance information. So please have it ready as we cannot complete the registration without it.  

There will be a screen that asks parents to submit a photo of their child for an ID badge.  This is not necessary to do at this time.  However if you do have a VERY clear, head shot of your child (from the shoulders up) with no sunglasses, or hats, or other objects in the photo  - you may upload the photo.  These photos will be reviewed by team moms and will be adjusted or changed if need be.  The league has very strict guidelines on id badges and we need to be certain we are in compliance.  If you choose not to submit a photo – just select SKIP- and let your team mom or someone from the board know at registration paperwork collection and we will take care of it. 


There are discounts in place for early registrations, as well as the availability to either pay in full online or take advantage of the payment plan schedule – so be sure to check that out.



When your registration is complete you will need to print out the AYF Player packet AS WELL AS



Once you received confirmation that registration is complete your player or cheerleader is officially registered.  Be sure to print the above named documents and you can turn them in at a designated paperwork return date/location.


Board members will be present at this years Martin School Spring Fling June 3rd for registration questions and paperwork collection. 

Keep a look out on our webpage and SI play’s Dashboard for updates and important dates to remember.

** The Sports Illustrated app for phones and tablets is very handy and is updated frequently.  It will include calendars, team roster information, league news, and game field locations and is a great way to keep in touch.  It has messaging functionality and we will use this to message parents in case of game cancellations, or practice notifications.  Make sure to sign up to receive text notifications!